Our Mission

The Mission of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem is to harness the unique talents and energies of its membership to perform acts of charity and defend the Christian Faith. Each member, in concert with the family, strives to develop a strong prayer life. The O.S.J. will serve as a catalyst for the rebirth of the sacredness of the family and therefore society.

The Maltese cross embodies the philosophy of the O.S.J. The four arms signify the Cardinal Virtues, and the eight points, the Eight Beatitudes. The Rule of Life and Personal Mission Statement will assist each member's efforts to apply these ideals to everyday practice. The defining goal of each member is unity in Christ: "As we are united in Christ, we are united with one another."

Jerusalem 1048-1291, Cyprus 1291-1310, Rhodes 1311-1523.Malta 1530-1798, Russia 1798-1907, U.S.A.1908-